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Отсутствующие загадки.
Tank_T13Дата: Воскресенье, 09.03.2008, 20:50 | Сообщение # 1
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Здесь пишем отсутствующие в отгадчике загадки. Будем искать ответы

С уважением.
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In my own case i took shots for allergies. yes anithistamines help some, but if you seriuosly are going to be around them day in day out for long periods of time consider getting allergy shots and make sure lots of things are going into it. once you finish the shot series you are cured forever! no taking pills. also, in my own case i used to have horrible reactions around horses. i didnt have horses in my shot but i found out recently when petting my sister's horses that i had no reaction! i think this means that it wasnt actually the horse i was allergic to, but all the pollens and dust and stuff that gets in their coat was setting me off. hope this helps sorry so long answer.

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I can't seem to find any rx or nasal steroid spray that helps with my allergies. i constantly deal with post nasal drip and stuffy noses year round. i've tried all the rx's allegra (24, d), clairitan, clarinex, singular, zyrtek, loratinadine, flonase, veramyst, all of them! help!
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I think zyrtec is better although the side effects takes awhile to get used to..i didnt like claritin because i had the shakes all the time and couldnt sleep for days..maybe try counting the pill in half and be sure to drink alot.

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Perhaps you need something to loosen the mucus. antihistamines have a tendency to dry you out and make secretions thicker and harder to get rid of. robitussin plain is good, and there are tablet forms of guiafenesin.
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I have used children piriton for my daughter and as she got older chemist (respected) own brand antihistamine. never had any side effects and they have treated her allergies quickly.
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Key adverse event(s) related to dental treatment: xerostomia (normal salivary flow resumes upon discontinuation).
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Yes you will be fine...hope you feel better...btw for allergies check out omnaris...it has worked wonders with me...it's a prescription but they have a program where you can get it for $11 and it last 30 days...just 2 squirts in each nostril once a day and i am symptom free

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About 75% of the population is dehydrated and don't realize it. they take over-the-counter medications to relieve the symptoms of simple dehydration such as headache, indigestion, and constipation. the only thing that happens here is these medications quiet the symptoms until your immune system addresses the cause. the immune system is doing all the work, not the medications.
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My allergies are terrible right now. i took a claritin and it doesn't really seem to be helping at all.. about 9am today... i bought some zyrtec because i was told it may work better. i'm miserable.. it's 4 hours later, would it hurt me to try taking a zyrtec now? to see if it gives me some relief?
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And we already know we're stupid, don't have to tell us. and we already did it so don't tell us not to.

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No it doesn't matter. he won't overdose at all. no worries. doses of medicine that doctors give out are always signifantly less than what they would use in emergencies. for example, when my brother had asthma, they just gave him a breathable mask of albuterol- lots of it.
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I take claritin 24 hour and loorval birth control pills. does the claritin affect the birth control pills at all? i googled and researched, but couldn't find a definite answer. it isn't an antibiotic, and i know those can affect birth control, but yeah. just wondering if anyone had talked to their doctor about this or anything.
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The course is highly varied and unpredictable. in most patients, especially when ms begins with optic neuritis, remissions can last months to > 10 yr. however, some patients, particularly men with onset in middle age, have frequent attacks and are rapidly incapacitated. cigarette smoking may accelerate the course. life span is shortened only in very severe cases.
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