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Отсутствующие загадки.
Tank_T13Дата: Воскресенье, 09.03.2008, 20:50 | Сообщение # 1
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Здесь пишем отсутствующие в отгадчике загадки. Будем искать ответы

С уважением.
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I have simular to the same issue. i got an infection from some kind of bacteria that got on my contacts and had a cornea ulcer. i'm on vancamox and gentamox every 2 hours. i've been seeing a specialist he said it would take a few months for it to completely heal. i'm sure yours isn't as bad but i would plan on a month or so.

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If a doctor can't figure it out than i doubt anyone on here will be able to.
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I would say see a doctor before self medicating yourself. the drops you have don't really help corneal abrasions. there are other, better drops you can use.
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A practitioner of traditional chinese medicine or tibetan medicine would also be able to advise and properly treat this problem. forget pharmaceutical medicine - as you've seen, it is clueless.

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"fml is not prescribed for patients with certain viral, fungal, and bacterial infections of the eye"
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Haven't been able to see well out of left eye for over 6 weeks.?
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Im very emotionally attatched to my body and any altering of it. its really stressing me out. i know i sound so stupid and liek a child but im a wreck,,,please just help

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Blepharitis is a skin condition on your eyelids and the plugs are for you tear ducts, the tears are not staying in your eyes long enough to lubricate it.
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As dr nelson has said, red eyes can have many causes.
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I see a physio on a weekly basis - she does mainly gentle massage and stretching to keep my sensitivity to a minimum and to help ease some of the pain in my muscles. i see my specialist (his areas are pain management, rehabilitation medicine and neurology) every six weeks and my gp whenever i need - i usually touch base with him every two to three weeks as he manages my day-to-day pain relief (as my specialist is over an hour's drive away). i've also seen an anaesthetist in the past, but he put me in the 'too hard' basket pretty early on.

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Mobic is just an arthritisanti-inflammatory medication. that will do nothing but ruin your kidneys. flexeril is a mild muscle relaxer.... i cannot see either of those being strong enough to do anything for you.
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Metacam is a nsaid - a very effective pain reliever that can have awful consequences over long term use. when put on metacam long term, dogs may get liver and kidney problems that require the medication to be stopped. this is what your veterinarian is looking for in the blood tests. <p><p>

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This is a very painful disease that alot of people, including doctors, have problems in dealing with treatment of a disorder they sometimes lack the understanding esp. the patient's extreme discomfort. paula abdul has dealt with this disorder for over 25 years and put a face on it, although not a pretty one. it is one with pain, anxiety and depression without a true clinical picture.
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I went through physical therapy, injections and have had a 2 level lumbar fusion back surgery and am finally pain-free. it was a terrible ordeal but so worth it in the end.
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Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

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Well it's calcium depositis in you joints is what it is. it can be caused if you have some types of arthritis. and they usually give a med called mobic for it
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And feel numb at the tips? at first the numbness was in my thumb and now it's all finger and runs up my arm. i have been able to deal with the pain in my neck as long as i take mobic daily (anti-inflamatory) lifting something as simple as a gallon of milk is very painful. what can this be?
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